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Roars & Rainbows is a mama owned and run business, creating sustainable, quality clothing for adults and children. 


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About us

Hi! I am Lena, sewing enthusiast and Roars and Rainbows founder. I discovered my passion for creating beautiful clothes after having my children, and feeling disappointed by the boring and generic clothing available on the high street. I started sewing just over 3 yeas ago, creating dresses, skirts, loungewear and cute matching sets for the boys. My love for sewing grew when I started creating clothes for other family members, including our dog Amber. 


We are committed to sustainable fashion

Roars and Rainbows are environmentally conscious and ensure that none of our fabric goes to waste!  

We often select fabrics with multiway designs so they can be cut in different directions minimising fabric wastage. 

Offcuts can be beautiful too…

After cutting out beautiful dresses, leggings and dungarees the smaller pieces of fabric are made into item such as snoods, face masks and pants.

The smaller scraps of fabric are gathered together and donated to the local school for craft projects.

Happy customers

“Oh my goodness the snood is gorgeous!! Thanks so much! Think I’m going to have to order another one for me!”


“Completely over the moon and in love with the clothes Lena. You are very talented, thank you.”

Ruth M

“They are just the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen!! Thank you so much. They are perfect.”

Natalie N